Voices from the Periphery

Voices from the Periphery is evidence that history matters – not only the study of the past – but also by shedding light on how events of the past have impacted lives in the present. You are holding in your hands a collection of thought-provoking essays written by young people whose families have lived as minorities in various countries in east-central Europe for four generations. They became minorities not because their families migrated to different parts of Europe, but because the borders were changed overnight by the Treaty of Trianon after the end of the First World War.

Much has been written about the outcomes of Trianon, but this book is very different. These essays are the result of a competition for students and young professionals who live in minority status in four different countries surrounding Hungary: Transylvania in Romania, Slovakia, Transcarpathia in Ukraine, and Vojvodina in Serbia. The writings of several Canadian students on this topic are included as well.

Voices from the Periphery examines how the current generation of young people perceive the impact of the treaty that has had such a long-term effect on their lives. Their essays not only examine the painful legacy of the past, but also recommend pathways to a more positive future. Their voices must be heard.