Please SAVE THE DATE for two important upcoming events!

The call for application for the 28th Students without Boundaries program is taking place, through the efforts of former camp participants. 

Save the date for this year’s RÁKÓCZI GALA to be held on Friday, 

September 20, 2024 at the elegant Guild Hall ballroom at the Old Mill Restaurant, Toronto

We are pleased to report that as spring approaches, many exciting events are taking place in the life of the Rákóczi Foundation.

Thirty-six scholarship applications were received from university students from the Carpathian Basin who applied for our spring scholarship program. Twelve applications were received from Transcarpathia, 17 from Transylvania, 6 from Voivodina, and 1 from Slovakia. The committee is meeting in mid-March, and the supported young people will notified as soon as possible as many of them are in deep need. We will be happy to forward the thank you letters written by young people to our generous supporters.

The school lunch program in Ungvár (Uzhhorod, Ukraine) supported by the Rákóczi Foundation continues. Until the end of the academic year, forty students will receive a hot lunch at the Gábor Dayka School in Ungvár, Transcarpathia.